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Last update: Friday, March 31, 2006 00:16:11 (PT)

2006 Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup 

Sgt. Ralph G. Sbragia, CSP
OCRACES B2V Event Coordinator

"twus the Night before B2V, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, well except the OCRACES personnel getting ready for B2V.....

First off, here is a link to this years communication plan.

There are several final detail for this years event that everyone needs to know:

Command Post Location Change - Due to budgetary issues, OCSD and OCRACES were not able to secure our normal rooms in Pahrump.  Therefore, the OCRACES Command Post will be run remotely from the Orange County Emergency Operations Center.  Teams needed position reports may call either 714-628-7038 or 714-628-7040.  The command post will be up and running to support installation testing between 0930 and 1000 on Saturday and remain operational until the last monitored team clears Mountain Springs Pass (Leg 17).  I am estimating that time as about 0830 to 0900.

UHF Repeater Monitoring - It is not yet known if we will be able to get a signal to and from Loma Ridge in order to communicate on the Blue Zone (Turquoise Mtn) or Orange Zone (Upper Potosi) UHF Repeaters.  OCRACES personnel will be conducting experiments Friday to confirm out abilities to monitor these frequencies at the EOC.  Regardless of whether we are able to monitor them remotely, Ralph Sbragia, W6CSP will be monitoring the Blue Zone repeater Saturday from Baker and the Las Vegas 2 Meter repeater on Sunday for equipment recovery.  Other race related teams monitor and use these frequencies as well.  All teams who have them programmed into their radios should still be prepared to call there in an emergency.

Baker Install schedule - Installs will be completed using the following schedule.  The installation center should be ready by 0900 or earlier as I plan to arrive there from Vegas between 0700 and 0800.

Start Time Leave Baker By Arrive at Baker HS
For Installation by

Teams Scheduled

Estimated Finish (DST)

1130 1030 0930 Ca DOI - Fraud Squad (Team 206) 0930
1300 1200 1100 CHP Gold (Team 162)
OCSD Women (Team 049)
OCSD Inv. (Team 117)
1400 1300 1200 Arizona DA (Team 141) 0830
1545 1445 1345    
1630 1530 1430 OCSD Open (Team 006) 0730
1730 1630 1530 OCDA (Team 056) 1030

Las Vegas Recovery - As we did last year, we will be set near the follow van parking area and attempt to catch the vans as they arrive.  We will arrive there by about 0645 to monitor the teams and collect the equipment.  Team captains and others can call 714-287-4745 for position reports on Sunday (in addition to the CP numbers above).  Team Captains and tech support personnel may also use this number to contact me at any time during the race.


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