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County and City RACES/ACS and Affiliated Units

County of Orange RACES ACS (OCRACES) (W6ACS)
RACES Program Manager: Delia Kraft, KF6UYW, OCSD Emergency Communications Manager; Work: 714-704-7979; Fax: 714-704-7902
Chief Radio Officer:
RACES Capt. Ken Bourne, W6HK
Radio Officer: RACES Lt. Scott Byington, KC6MMF
Radio Officer - North Squad:
RACES Lt. Ralph Sbragia, W6CSP
Radio Officer - South Squad:
RACES Lt. Harvey Packard, KM6BV
Training Officer and Assistant Radio Officer:
RACES Sgt. Tom Tracey, KC6FIC
Assistant Radio Officer - North Squad:
RACES Sgt. Jack Barth, AB6VC
Assistant Radio Officer - North Squad:
RACES Sgt. Ernest Fierheller, KG6LXT
Assistant Radio Officer - South Squad:
RACES Sgt. Bob McFadden, KK6CUS
General Meetings (open to all):
First Monday of each month (second Monday in September and if holiday), 1930 hours, 840 N. Eckhoff St., Suite 104, Orange (location sometimes changes to Loma Ridge or other)
URL: http://www.ocraces.org and http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ocsd-races/info (Yahoo! Group)

City of Anaheim RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Mary Jo Flynn, KI6OIY, Assistant Director, Emergency Management, Fire & Rescue Dept.; Work: 714-765-6955; Fax: 714-765-6959
Chief Radio Officer: Chris Peña, KE6GXA
Assistant Chief Radio Officer:
Jonathan Ramos, W6TFK
Meetings: First Tuesday of each month, 1815 hours, Office of Disaster Preparedness
URL: http://www.anaheimraces.com/ and http://www.anaheim.net/title/fire/races/

City of Brea RACES (W6BRE)
RACES Coordinator:
Anna Lee Cave, N6ANA, Police Dept.; Work: 714-990-7622; Fax: 714-671-4424
Radio Officer:
Dick Bremer, WB6DNX
Fourth Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, City Hall, Room C, 2nd Floor
URL: http://www.ci.brea.ca.us/index.aspx?nid=404

City of Buena Park RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Cpl. Andy Luong, PIO, Police Dept., Work: 714-562-3902; Fax: 714-523-2911
Chief Radio Officer:
John Eng, KI6BWU
Assistant Chief Radio Officer:
James Payne, KB6WUM
First Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, Police Department
URL: http://www.bppd.com/news_detail_T3_R5.php

City of Costa Mesa Emergency Service Amateur Communications (MESAC) (RACES)
RACES Coordinator:
Sgt. Keith Davis, Costa Mesa Police Dept./Emergency Management; Work: 714-754-5333; Fax: 714-754-4919
Chief Radio Officer: Ted Bohrer, N7QY
Assistant Radio Officer/Operations):
Patrick Williams, KJ6PFW
Fourth Wednesday of each month, 1830 hours, 99 Fair Drive
URL: http://www.mesac.net/

City of Cypress RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Gael Locklin, Police Dept; Work: 714-229-6625
Chief Radio Officer: Chris Romines, W6CAV
Chief Technology Officer: Ed Kane, W6ONT
Logistics Officer: Loree Erpelding, KJ6DRP
Radio Officer: John Montgomery, W3FDF
Radio Officer: Bob Shaw, KI6NFF
Radio Officer: Tom Sibley, KI6EYL
Radio Officer: Wade Stinebaugh, KI6OUH
Meetings: Third Wednesday of each month
URL: http://cypressraces.blogspot.com/

City of Dana Point RACES (Tri-Cities RACES)
RACES Coordinator:
Jeremy Kirchner, KG6ZBR, Emergency Services Coordinator; Work: 949-248-3579; Fax: 949-234-2820
Tri-Cities RACES Chief Radio Officer: Joe Lopez, W6BGR

Radio Officer:
Drew Holtz, KI6IZD
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 1900 hours
URL: http://www.tricitiesraces.org/

City of Fountain Valley Amateur Communications Team (FACT) (RACES) (WA6FV)
RACES Coordinator:
S.O. James Cataline, Police Dept.; Work: 714-593-4485 ext. 807; Fax: 714-593-4459
Chief Radio Officer: Jerry Fullerton, KD6JBL
First Saturday of each month, 0730 hours, 10200 Slater Ave.
URL: http://www.fvpd.org/a/index.php?d=volunteers&p=races and http://www.qsl.net/fvraces/

City of Fullerton RACES (K6FUL)
RACES Coordinator:
BC Ron Stocking, Training/TLO/CERT, Fire Dept.; Work: 714-446-1454; Fax: 714-738-5355
Radio Officer: Gene Thorpe, KB6CMO
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month (except November and December), 1830 hours, 1580 W. Commonwealth Ave. (location sometimes changes)

City of Huntington Beach RACES (HBRACES)
RACES Coordinator: Brevyn Mettler, KI6FRG, Fire Dept., Emergency Management & Homeland Security Office; Work: 714-374-1565; Fax: 714-374-1591
Chief Radio Officer: Steve Graboff, MD, W6GOS
Assistant Radio Officer: Steve Albert, KE6OCE
Training Officer:
Jim Hansen, KG6ZDP
Technical Officer:
Roy Lothringer, N6SLD
Personnel Officer:
Robert Thompson, KE6RKG
Public Information Officer:
Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ

City of Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications (IDEC) (RACES) (N6IPD)
RACES Coordinator: Sgt. Matt August, Police Dept.; Work: 949-724-7023; Fax: 949-724-7077
Radio Officer: Pete Bergstrom, K6PB
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, except third Thursday in November and none in December (contact IDEC or listen to Thursday-night net for meeting location), 1900 hours
URL: http://www.cityofirvine.org/ipd/info_center/idec_ham_radio.asp and http://www.n6ipd.org/

City of La Palma RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Cpl. Les Parsons, KJ6JBS, Police Dept.; Work: 714-690-3385; Fax: 714-523-7351
Radio Officer: William Ingalsbe, AD6WI
Meetings: Date/time/location by request only
URL: http://www.cityoflapalma.org/index.aspx?NID=324

City of Laguna Beach Emergency Communications Team (LBECT) (RACES)
RACES Coordinator:
Jordon Villwock, Public Safety Dispatcher, Police Dept.; Work: 949-497-0356; Fax: 949-497-0775
Assistant RACES Coordinator:
Darin Lenyi, Field Services Division Commander, Police Dept.; Work: 949-497-0375; Fax: 949-497-0775
Chief Radio Officer: John Kountz, WO1S
Second Monday of each month, 1900 hours, Police Department, 2nd floor conference room

City of Laguna Niguel ACS
ACS Coordinator: Phil Robinson, City Emergency Services Coordinator, Work: 949-362-4312; Fax: 949-362-9840
Chief Radio Officer: Ray Nienburg, KJ6AOX
Training Officer:
Mikkel Hansen, KJ6EKX
Third Thursday of each month, 1900 hours, City Council Chambers
URL: http://www.cityoflagunaniguel.org/index.aspx?NID=90

City of Laguna Woods RACES
RACES Coordinator:
James Haston, City Management Assistant; Work: 949-639-0522
Radio Officer: Art Welch, K7TX
Assistant Radio Officer:
James Riedel, K6EEE
Assistant Radio Officer:
Ernie Senser, W6ETS
Meetings: First Thursday of each month (except July and August), 1030 hours, Historical Society Conference Room

City of Los Alamitos RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Cassandra Palmer, Police Dept.; Work: 562-431-2255 ext. 410; Fax: 562-431-6499
Chief Radio Officer: Michael Peer, WD6CDN
Assistant Radio Officer:
Mike Quesada, KJ6PCA
Second Wednesday of odd months, 1900 hours, alternating between Seal Beach and Los Alamitos Police Departments
URL: http://races41.org/

City of Mission Viejo RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Paul Catsimanes, City of Mission Viejo; Work: 949-470-3017; Fax: 949-458-1386
Radio Officer: Charley Speelman, WA6RUZ
Assistant Radio Officer, Training:
Bob McCord, K6IWA
Last Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, 200 Civic Center
URL: http://www.mvraces.org/

City of Newport Beach RACES (K6NBR)
RACES Coordinator:
Sgt. Lloyd Whisenant, Police Dept.; Work: 949-644-3665; Fax: 949-718-1065  
Chief Radio Officer:
Gary Standard, K6GSX
Assistant Radio Officer: Jim Robertson, KK6NK
Assistant Radio Officer: Larry Somers, KB6FW
Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month (except July, August, and December), 1900 hours, 870 Santa Barbara Dr.
URL: http://www.nbpd.org/programs/races_program.asp

City of Orange Amateur Radio (COAR) (RACES) (W6OPD)
RACES Coordinator:
Carmen Cardenas, Police Dept.; Work: 714-744-7328
Chief Radio Officer: Vern DeMars, KG6OXD
Assistant Radio Officer:
Robbie Robinson, KB6CJZ
First Tuesday of each month, 1830 hours, 1107 N. Batavia Ave.
URL: http://www.cityoforange.org/depts/police/with_opd/volunteers.asp

City of Placentia RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Eddie De La Torre, Management Analyst; Work: 714-993-8117
Radio Officer: Mark Garrett, KG6CAV
Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month, 1900 hours, City Hall, 401 E. Chapman Ave.

City of San Clemente RACES (Tri-Cities RACES)
RACES Coordinator: Katie Carpenter, City Emergency Planning Coordinator; Work: 949-361-6109; Fax: 949-492-5289
Tri-Cities Chief Radio Officer: Joe Lopez, W6BGR
Radio Officer: James Hammons, N6JWL
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 1900 hours

City of San Juan Capistrano RACES (Tri-Cities RACES)
RACES Coordinator: Michael Cantor, KG6IOX, Safety & Emergency Services Manager; Work: 949-234-4565; Fax: 949-234-4566
Tri-Cities Chief Radio Officer: Joe Lopez, W6BGR
Radio Officer: Gray Bickford, WA6BJY
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of each month, 1900 hours

City of Santa Ana Response Team (SART) (ACS) (WE6SRT)
ACS Coordinator: Sgt. Brian Sheldon, Police Dept.; Work: 714-245-8748; Fax: 714-245-8098
Chief Radio Officer: Larry Wilson, K6SCH
Assistant Radio Officer:
Tom Mackay, W6WC
Meetings: Third Wednesday of even months, 1845 hours, 220 S. Daisy St.
Training Meetings: Third Wednesday of odd months, 1845 hours, 220 S. Daisy St.
URL: http://sart-oc.org/

City of Seal Beach RACES
RACES Coordinator: Cpl. Michael Henderson, Emergency Services Coordinator; Work: 562-799-4100, ext. 1145; Fax: 562-493-0634
Chief Radio Officer:
Mike Maronta, KC6YNQ
Assistant Radio Officer: Dale Murry, AG6SC
Second Wednesday of odd months, 1900 hours, alternating between Seal Beach and Los Alamitos Police Departments
URL: http://races41.org/

City of Westminster RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Jeremy Fletcher; Police Dept.; Work: 714-548-3833
RACES Coordinator II:
James Kingsmill, Police Dept., Work: 714-548-3846
Radio Officer: Chi Nguyen, KE6MVS
Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of odd months, 1900 hours, 8200 Westminster Blvd.

California State University Fullerton RACES
RACES Coordinator:
Brian Barnes, Police Dept.; Work: 657-278-4785; Fax: 657-278-2016
Radio Officer: Fred Engelhard, AD6L

American Red Cross, Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino Counties, Disaster Communications Service (WB6QDG)

Orange County Activity Lead, Disaster Services Technology–Communications:
Dave Popko, AF6TN
Third Thursday of odd months, 1900 hours, 601 N. Golden Circle Dr., Santa Ana

Hospital Disaster Support Communications System (HDSCS)
April Moell, WA6OPS
Assistant Coordinators: Paul Broden, K6MHD, Tom Gaccione, WB2LRH; Jim McLaughlin, AB6UF; Joe Moell, K0OV; Jon Schaffer, W6UFS; Ken Simpson, W6KOS
Six per year, date/time varies, rotating among various Orange County hospitals
URL: http://www.hdscs.org/

Orange County SKYWARN
Coordinator: Scott O'Donnell, WX6STO
NWS San Diego - SKYWARN Weather Spotter Program Manager:  Alex Tardy
URL: http://www.ocskywarn.org/

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