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OCRACES personnel are expected to report for duty during any unscheduled call-up by Orange County Sheriff's Department/Communications. During a disaster, personnel are expected first to ensure the well-being of their families before reporting for duty.

OCRACES personnel shall not self-activate, but shall monitor at least one of the OCRACES repeaters for a call-up or to exchange information, immediately after becoming aware of an actual or possible disaster (such as a strong earthquake) within the County.

To retain certification, OCRACES personnel are expected to attend at least 75 percent of all regular and staff meetings, to participate in at least 75 percent of all drills, exercises, simulated disasters, and other training sessions, and to check into at least 75 percent of all OCRACES nets during the year. To retain certification, OCRACES personnel are also expected to report for duty for at least 75 percent of all call-outs for disasters or scheduled events during the year.

OCRACES personnel are not permitted to belong to another RACES organization, and are expected to relinquish first-response membership in all other emergency communications organizations, to avoid conflicts during disaster call-ups. OCRACES does not want to call its personnel away from other disasters to which they have a prior responsibility. Personnel must give 100-percent priority to OCRACES for all emergencies and disasters.

OCRACES personnel are expected to adhere to all FCC Rules and Regulations, and to conduct themselves in a manner befitting certified public-safety communicators. They shall take pride in using excellent operating procedures at all times, whether or not during a RACES drill or event.

OCRACES personnel are expected to show a desire to help others, to learn from other personnel, and to train other personnel. They must exhibit an interest in and aptitude for handling emergency communications.

OCRACES personnel are expected to maintain their radio equipment in excellent operating condition, and to know thoroughly all functions of their equipment and the equipment at the Emergency Operations Center. OCRACES personnel are also expected to maintain their duty bags and first-aid kits to be ready for virtually any type of activation. Furthermore, OCRACES personnel are expected to purchase uniforms in accordance with prescribed requirements, and to present a professional public-safety appearance when on duty.

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Ken Bourne, W6HK, Chief Radio Officer, County of Orange (California) RACES
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